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Author: Nilesh

How can I earn money from Google?

No doubt, we use Google every day for different purposes but are you aware that there are many people out there who are earning enough money sitting at home? If not then this article will give you all that you need to know to start being one of them. Freelancers all over the globe are using one of the ways to be successful.

Google is a very large company with a huge profit. Any contribution to the company is fairly welcomed by them. Once you have understood how it works you can earn in dollars. Here we will give y’all 8 best ways to earn through Google

Let’s start-

  1. Adsense

This can be said as one of the best and easiest way to earn from Google. Before you sign up to start using this application you must already have a new website or set up one by having a new domain name or you can also create websites for free on word press. After this, the crucial work starts, start working on the websites or curating content that attracts more and more users. Once you have gained ample traffic, you can sign up for AdSense to start advertising on your website. It takes 48 hours for this process and notifies you if your website has enough visitors according to Google quality standards. People across the world earn extensively in this way.

  1. Developing Apps for Google play.

This can also serve as a good way to earn money through Google. People are paid on the basis of the visitor they get on their app and the number of installs done. Google App Engine is a tool by Google that allows you to create Apps without taking a lot of efforts. There is no requirement to invest a lot of money as you have to only pay for the resources that you will use while making the App. So bring out your creativity and develop an App that will boom in the market.

  1. Be a Google News Publisher.

Google news get a huge number of visitors every day from all over the globe. If you have listed your websites in Google News, you will get paid for a share of visitors from the total amount. Be a Google News publisher and get a part of your earning through Google.

  1. Be a search engine evaluator.

Google has its own algorithm to evaluate the search results that appear for a particular query. They may have some kind of error and there should some human involvement in the same. So the human eye will determine the usefulness and quality of the result. As it is the humans who are using Google not a machine and hence a human intervention is necessary. This helps Google to make the required changes into the Algorithm. One can work from home on this and earn enough to have a livelihood.

  1. Be a Blogger

I think this the easiest way to passionately work on your blog and also earn through different means on the same. Blogging on different topics like Travel, health, business, etc. will help you gain visitors and once you have enough to attract the advertiser’s attention, you can then earn through affiliate marketing.

  1. Create a video on YouTube.

This is a fun way, isn’t it? I am sure you agree with the same. Once you have become a famous You Tuber, you can also use YouTube. As the more visitor you will get, the more others will be attracted towards your channel. You will be then paid for all the Ads present before or during your videos.

  1. Share your Opinion and earn rewards.

Google rewards app is a mobile tool that pays you to review a place restaurant or sharing your opinion on a particular experience at some place. This can really be fun as you get paid in your Google wallet for just expressing your views. Before you start you have to go through with some survey, once done you can start exploring more. Easiest ways to hack Instagram!

These were the most useful ways to earn through Google. Now as you have so many options in front of you, don’t sit back and start working on the one that interests you.

And I assure you that you will soon start earning like most of them.

What Happens to Your Social Media after your Death!!

Really no one ever dies in 21st century because even if your physical body leaves the world, a digital body is left behind. So, when you die it doesn’t mean your social media accounts dies with you.

According to reports in 2016, around 8000 Facebook users die daily, the equivalent of 428 every hour. With 312,500 now reportedly passing away each month. If Facebook stops growing then more users will be dead than alive by 2065.

So, if they doesn’t vanishes with you then what happens to your social media accounts after your death ?

Let’s find out.

So, Facebook doesn’t wipe out your account even after a long time after your death. Instead of wiping out it makes it a memorial account, anyone could report a user as dead – which would permanently lock the account and keep it from posting updates or appearing in birthday notifications.

In 2015, Facebook introduced “Legacy Contacts” who, in the event that a person died, could sign on to the account and the legacy contact is chosen by the user itself from their friend list. The legacy contacts cant read the deceased messages but can change their profile photo and archive posts and photos.

However, users can choose to delete their account permanently after their death by choosing the option from the settings. Also, the family or friends of the deceased can request to delete the profile by uploading the death certificate.

Instagram hack also handles the issue with the same policy as of Facebook where they memorialize the account after their friends or family reports it and for verification, they ask for proof of death such as any news article or death certificate. Moreover, the account can be deleted also if asked by family and proof of death is provided.

Posts of the deceased user will stay shared on the site and are visible to the people they were shared with, but memorialized accounts do not appear in public spaces like searches.

Twitter gives only one option where you can delete the deceased account deleted but you can’t ask for the credentials or access to deceased’s account.

To deactivate a Twitter account after the death, Twitter requires an immediate family member to present a copy of their ID and a death certificate of the deceased.

For Pinterest, you can request the deactivation of the deceased if you belong to his family. However, it’s still not clear whether they will provide the credentials or access to the account to even a family member.

Coming to emails, Gmail users can set up an “Inactive Account Manager” who will share or delete an account after a period of inactivity. If not selected, Gmail deletes the account on request from any family member. They even provide details from their account if it’s important and also if it’s requested by an immediate family member.